This is personal page where I concentrate my projects, contacts, blogs and other things from my life and career.


I'm employed as System Engineer at Livesport s.r.o. ( company, so many projects an effort is related to it and most is confidental.

All of my public work can be found on GitHub

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

These days is pretty easy to use PGP for signing and encrypting messages. I prefer when you use PGP when contacting me.

My public key (27E7B47A) can be found on various Open Keyservers around the internet. For example PGP MIT.

Fingerprint: 89CC7D62C7BDB3C295D23ED2273F03D527E7B47A


Hi, please use email as primary contact. If you would like to contact me in terms of carrer please use Linkedin messaging.