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  • 2014

    IredMail CLI

    • command line tool for IredMail OpenSource mailserver solution
    • my blogpost

    RT API


    Racktables Server Client

    • client for Racktables project, do automatic server discovery and manage objects in racktables database
    • my blogpost
    • rt-server-client

    Switched PDU Panel

    IPT-Conf – IPtables Configuration Framework



    Pod-O-Lee is second largest CTU Students club in Prague. It’s part of SU (Students Union), largest students organization in Czech republic.

    I took care of servers infrastructure. Plan, migrate and implement new technology and virtualization.


    2006 – 2008


    Ihrisko was small free hosting project during high school. From small server with 5 users we grow up to more then 120 active users. Primary ihrisko was hosting for web projects, startups, school projects and it was place for underground comunity. We providede Web, Mysql, Java, Rubby and many other services. We ware one of few which provided Secure Shell access.

    Ihrisko was realy underground,  hosted all time secretly in small datacenter in eastern Slovakia.

    We patched SSHD to cover our users identity, patched kernel with Grsecurity for more security and privacy for our users. It was great time, we learn so much during theese years and we became one of the biggest and best comunity Shell server in Slovakia.

    We also provide official XMPP server listed on jabber.org.

    Some statistics:

    • 180 registered users
    • 120 uniq users working with shell in month
    • more then 270 XMPP accounts
    • more then 20 various projects domains hosted