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  • Gitolite recover from lost authorized_keys

    2015 - 03.19

    Sometimes bad things happed and you have to recover your git server from backup or you have corrupted authorized_keys for git user.

    First of all, you should know what paths and user you using. For this example we have:

    User: git

    Home: /home/git

    Repositories: /data/git (linked into /home/git as repositories)

    First switch from root to gitolite user (git in our example), we will do everything under git user

    su - git

    So our situation is we haven’t any .ssh/authorized_keys because something..

    ls -l ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    ls: cannot access ~/.ssh/authorized_keys: No such file or directory

    Look if gitolite has your keys in it’s config directory.

    ls -lR ~/.gitolite/keydir/


    If you see your keys, perfect, just run

    gitolite setup

    If you don’t, you have to recover that from your bare repository.

    cd ~/
    git clone /data/git/gitolite-admin.git ./temp
    cd ./temp/
    cp -rfp keydir ../.gitolite/
    cp conf/gitolite.conf ../.gitolite/conf/
    gitolite compile
    gitolite setup


    That’s all, I hope it helps.

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