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    Forgotten Skills: Build your own linux kernel

    2013 - 09.23

    Firt we will talk about WHY. Many people have many opinions on that and I’d like to present you mine.

    I work as System Specialist. During my work I often came to point that normal kernel from distribution doesn’t work. Whole or part of server was unusable because one of these common reasons:

    • Virtualization support with combination of new HW
    • Missing driver for some Raid Controllers
    • Missing driver for network cards
    • Security hardening patches for specific systems

    I don’t remember which of the reason was the first when I must build my own kernel to be able use server or computer with all it’s hardware. In few next years another big reason appear.

    • New kernel have fixed some performance issues

    Now we can talk about how to do it.


    HowTo use Grub rescue mode

    2013 - 06.07

    Sometimes when you upgrade or migrate your linux from one disk to another, boot should hang out on line  “grub rescue>“,

    what now ?


    How To Boost mailserver storage performance using Facebook FlashCache

    2012 - 01.25

    Few months ago we had performance problem with mailserver storage.

    Storage has 3 HDD in RAID5 configuration. Average disk utilization per
    one disk was about 90 % – 97%.
    One of goals was incrase storage performance but with minimum downtime
    so -> no data migration.