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    RIPE-Atlas Anchor installation

    2016 - 02.28

    Ripe-Atlas project Anchor installation.

    Anchor is high capacity RIPE-Atlas probe for internet measurements.

    Anchor mainly consist of  Soekris Net6501-70 board (can find on kd85.com) and running Centos 6.x.



    Analyzing Spam – Visualization

    2016 - 02.28

    Beautiful image of visualization spam traffic on primary mailserver.

    Every blue path is spam detected and delivered to mailbox spam folder, every yellow path is rejected spam.



    RIPE-Atlas Traceroute monitoring

    2016 - 02.27

    Last day I did some measurements using RIPE-Atlas project.

    I did traceroute to Livesport infrastructure using 1000 probes around the globe.

    Here is some nice visualization of ASN paths.