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    BASH GIT prompt

    2012 - 11.28

    I’d like to introduce you my bash shell which can handle GIT information.

    More information and sources are hosted on Github.

     Basic prompt


    Protect your announced IP prefix on the Internet

    2012 - 11.03

    Many companies which provide various type of services which are depends on the internet have their own IP prefixes. They announces prefixes to the internet using BGP protocol and AS numbers.

    From the principle of BGP, it’s possible to break path to your servers if somebody announce same prefix as you. This is really big problem because your business is in risk. Communication is problematic and takes lot of time. Normaly, providers and peers should have configured some rules, filters and other types of security to prevent this.

    Using filters isn’t mandatory, so it can happen and it happened many times.

    Question is, what you should do to avoid this situation ?


    Automatic server audit for RackTables project

    2012 - 11.02

    First I’d like to introduce one very nice project called RackTables. It’s management system for DataCenters or rack rooms. I test many project like this but this one fits best for our needs. With this system you can document your network and infrastructure. Datacenters, rooms, rack rows, servers and their attributes, ipv4/ipv6 ranges, virtual resources, etc.

    I work as System Specialist, many times it’s too much work and I forgot to document some changes which I made on server or infrastructure. When number of servers grows to hundreds this is a really big problem you must handle. Important is also to know, what was the change, not only actual state. So you must create log of changes.

    I have created one small script which discover physical or virtual server and insert or update information into racktables database and ! it create LOG in RackTables. You see what was the previous state and when this change was made.

    Script can handle various system and HW infromation and what is perfect, it do it automatically without any interaction.